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Hello everyone, I’ve been listening to Eminem recently and I’ve been thinking about his career in the rap game…

Through the last 4-5 years, Eminem has seemed to bounce up and down from the rap game. He kept dropping the mic saying he’s going to quit, but soon after he’d come straight back up, whether this was a publicity stunt that really isn’t working or he just couldn’t resist making music again. I do believe, and have learnt that if your going to be a rapper in the urban music industry, you need to keep on your board, you need to keep it going. Keeping your fame and reputation is very important, the whole of the rap game seems to be a competition.

However, Eminem kept jumping off his board and then decided to get back on! I love his music, I can really relate to his lyrics and I do feel that the way he expresses his feelings is amazing, that’s why I loved listening to him. But even though he has talent, he can never be Lil Wayne, Jay Sean or The Game material. He’s messed about too much saying he needs to quit but then suddenly making a new track! First it was ‘When I’m Gone’, then ‘Crack A Bottle’ and ‘Beautiful’ and now it’s ‘I’m Not Afraid’. The truth is, these tracks are all very good but the listeners have moved on to more commercial artists, which is sad but understandable. Eminem has totally lost his fan base he once had and theres no way he will ever compete with the reputation and popularity of someone like Jay Z or Kanye West!

Another thing that has bugged me is this new song ‘Love The Way You Lie’ which features Rihanna. It’s amazing, but I clicked onto it straight away! He is really trying to get back in that position he was once in, so he’s going to do whatever it takes to get the fans to listen to his stuff? So that means he will try and find a key to unlock the gate, Rihanna is a perfect example! She’s so popular, everyone wants to hear her, she’s beautiful, her voice is amazing and she’s going quite far! Eminem knows that people are going to listen to something she sang, which means if she’s in his song, her fans will listen. Therefore he will make a load of money and get a load of listeners, but I still think that even if he does get his fans back, he will never be that once great rap artist who everyone loved. Face it, he was a hit but now he’s old news and everyones sick of him!

I think Eminem’s career should be noticed by other artists, it’s an example of what can happen if you decide to put the mic down, ruin your own life and then decide you want to boost back up. It’s not going to work. He ‘fucked’ the game up a long long time ago! Despite his recent achievements!

Peace out, x


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