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I recently just caught up with the beef that Lowkey and Chipmunk had, which started out over Twitter. I do believe, from my sources, Chipmunk started it all by ‘dissing’ Dot Rotten. Shortly after Lowkey tweet – ‘If @itsdotrotten doesn’t duppy @ChipmunkArtist with a riddim, I might have to Baghdad style. Stay humble.’

Chipmunk then replied, out of curiousity – ‘@lowkeyuk who are you…’

Lowkey tweeted – ‘@ChipmunkArtist Ask about me. U don’t want it.’

Chipmunk, then been very defensive, replied to Lowkey’s taunting tweet – ‘@lowkeyuk Shut ur mouth! U shouldn’t even be alowed to tweet me!’

Lowkey laughed and tweeted – ‘@ChipmunkArtist hahaha done the twitter hype. Im not Wiley or Dot Rotten, watch the airwaves young buck.’

This tweet clearly suggested Lowkey had a diss track coming, just for our little Chipmunk! I was right, when 2 days later, a track was posted called the ‘Warning’ to diss Chipmunk. If you want to take a listen, click here >>>

This track was brilliant, everything Lowkey said was true. The thing that made Chipmunk look like the fool, from my point of view, was the fact Lowkey stated that his talent isn’t sold to make music that doesn’t even have a meaning! Lowkey has dignity, Lowkey has probably the best talent in England, Lowkey can write with every word you could possibly imagine (as already proving in ‘Alphabet Assasin’) and Lowkey is the one of the only artists, along with Logic and the People’s Army, who tells us the truth! If every artist was like him, hip hop would be recognised more by other audiences and wouldn’t been seen as a bad influence on society, as we all know, a lot of trouble is pointed at hip hop. The world is very prejudice.

I enjoyed listening to one or two tracks from Chipmunk, but now after hearing all this, I have lost all my respect for him. He didn’t even have the balls to post a track back, but then again, he’s probably saved himself a lot more of embarrasement! At the end of the day, Chipmunk may have money and a record deal, etc. But he ain’t looked at as a real legend, he won’t be remembered, people like Lowkey will be remembered.

The actual animal, the Chipmunk, is seen as a harmless, small and very weak creature. Lowkeys the Lion, Chipmunks the rodent. From me personally, Chipmunk, sort your act out! I think this has taught you clearly not to diss other artists, because your terrible at it and artists who are the real deal, like Lowkey, will come around and make you look more worthless than a bag of rubbish. That’s all I have to say people, stay strong!


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