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What is the point of the police force, what is their purpose?

Their purpose was originally to enfore the law, stop crime and help the public. Now they spend their shifts drinking plenty of coffee and letting the streets develop into little ghettos.

Today I was watching ‘Daybreak’ before I began my day and it came on the news that the police have giving up against ‘yobs’ that roam these streets. They have took over and ruled the streets in the last two decades and they have grown within the community. The Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Sir Dennis O’Connor has admitted that the police have giving up on them and have ignored them and their crimes. There is apparently too many and the police can not simply investigate them all, in my opinion this is just a petty excuse once again.

In work it can get hard, sometimes there is a lot of paper work to catch up on, then you have meetings or sometimes you have other jobs that need doing…do you simply give up and just go with the flow? No, you get the jobs done, work wasn’t meant to be easy. Even though their job is hard enough dealing with other crimes, they simply can’t excuse themselves from solving any crime possible. They took on the role, so they should do their best in it. Despite what they say, this isn’t there best. I understand that it can be extremely difficult to respond to every single crime as there are an estimated 14 million anti-social behaviour crimes that take place every year, there is one every two seconds. However, they can respond to as many as they can.

This though maybe a cry out for help. As many of us know, the government are planning on cutting back at least by 25% in the police force, which is less jobs and a less chance to get in. I personally don’t think we should do this, but infact increase it by 25%. Yes, I know we haven’t got the money but they need to get their act together otherwise when they do cut it back this country will be a war zone. I suggest that the government take a look at rates of crime, fires, casualties etc, and then decide what is the worst and then increase that service. In this case, the crimes are high these days so they should increase the police force by 25%. To get the money they should cut wages of officers as they get paid a lot, get more special constables and give PCSO’s more power on the streets. This could save a lot. Another thing to do is actually give these ‘yobs’ more things to do, many may disagree but if the communities come together; schools, parishes and local clubs. We could raise money together and pay to have more events set up for these ‘yobs’.

They only do what they do because there is nothing else to do! We need to set up events and activities to help them learn respect, team work and independence. We need to set up football tournaments, basket ball teams, cricket teams, more boxing clubs and other things that they will enjoy. It could teach them so much and could change their ways. I personally liked David Cameron’s idea of doing a course which was a bit like the National Service, that could really teach youngsters a lot.

However we deal with this situation we must deal with it now. The police force have said they ignore these anti-social behaviour crimes and don’t respond to them. Last year, a woman killed herself along with her disabled child because she simply couldn’t handle the torment she recieved from these ‘yobs’. Do we really want many more tragedies like this? I think not. The police need to fight back with the best of their abilities whilst they still can, they may not be able to stop all these crimes but like Tesco says…every little helps.

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